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The Ways to Slow Down Relationship Without Having to Break Up

Probably, you were feeling a kind of rush when you began that new romance and such can feel really addictive. You would have a great chemistry and the bells and whistles go off and then you would end up finding yourself that you want to spend all your free time together. However, there is something that happens. Probably, the initial fireworks have gone down to make you like to step back. Or perhaps, she begins to become more serious than what you actually intended. Well, you would like to slow down in your relationship but you also don’t want to lose her. What must you do?

The first thing to do is that you should think it over and you need to be honest with yourself. If your interest in her has waned but you would still want to hang in there, then you should ask yourself for the reason. Is it to avoid making her feel bad? Or is it because of the reason that she is one great girl even if you are not feeling something right? Probably, you also enjoy such physical chemistry even if you are not clicking emotionally or intellectually? If the answer to the questions is a yes, then you have to man up and you should be doing the right thing. You need to have that honest conversation with her regarding how you feel and end things when you must. As much as you are interested to hang in there and see where things would be heading, it would be just a waste of her time if you think that such relationship will only be heading to a dead end.

If your interest in her has not faded but you would just like to have a breather, then you can be on a more solid ground or avoid causing damage to your wonderful relationship by moving very fast. You are surely taking such more mature approach which is more likely to save the relationship than end this. There are a lot of promising relationships which end due to the reason that the parties got physically or emotionally involved very fast and the passion burns before they have the chance of building a solid relationship.

It is very important that you actually talk it out. You should be clear so that you will be able to avoid those misunderstandings. You must be sure that you like her and that you really value the relationship and you don’t wish to see other individuals. You just don’t feel comfortable with the present pace of such relationship and you would like to take things slowly. When your partner is able to understand this, then it would be great. If not, then you should be meeting halfway with your partner.

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